I got the pedal right away on Wednesday (two days from when I ordered

it) thank you very much. It sounded great in rehearsals this week but

I did a gig last night and it was stellar. It's warm as the day is

long and really behaves well with both a clean tone and with filth.

The low end doesn't fart out at all. It's sounds fabulous and every

guitar enthusiast there was asking about it. I played it with a tweed

Deluxe cranked up a bit at rehearsal and it sounded like it was made

for it and I used it with my Vibrolux with an overdrive pedal at the

gig and it interfaced just as well.

I like simple.

This pedal will live on in glory. Well done!

,Greg Koch

(Greg koch is an amazing guitarist. Check him out): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQQIT4SJHpY

Man, I just love this pedal! I've owned a bunch of Maggies over the years, 260's a 280, 213, 210 etc., the one I have now is a late 40's pedal steel size amp, fantastic tone but no Vibrato. Missing that Pitch shifting true vibrato I was taking a look at maggies on ebay when I ran across one of your pedals. Now, I've tried a few other pedals that claimed to duplicate that vibrato, and some were fairly good, but none really quite got there, so being skeptical I took a look at youtube and lo and behold, there was a player doing a demo of his Magnavibe, sounded convincing but I was still skeptical, I thought what the hell, worst that can happen is I re-sell it on FEEBAY and recoup my investment. Well this is one pedal I'll be holding on to, I don't know how you did it but you nailed the True Vibrato, it's really cool to have a near pocket sized Magnatone Vibrato I can use with any amp.

,Scott Morken

Thanks and keep up the good work. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying the Spaghetti Western Fuzz. It is a truly beautiful, well-made device and clearly you care very much about your creation. I love the wide breadth of sounds it is able to produce, and while it has a siganture rawness about it, every tone I've conjured strikes me as quite useful given the proper context. Thank you again for the great fast service, and for your dedication to quality effects pedals. Best, Steve Caratzas I would recommend your pedal to anybody looking for a Maggie vibrato sound

without having to deal with an actual Maggie amp. I've had several and while

I love the sound, they are heavy, underpowered and unreliable so this pedal

gets me really close through my Rivera.

Thanks again!

,Don Hains

I love this box! I have searched for years for a true Magna-like Vibrato, as opposed to the overdone Univibe clone. I really didn't think it was possible, short of an outboard tube unit. The Magnavibe puts it in a compact stompbox and nails the sound too! The best part is that you get the effect without the quirkiness and servicing issues of an old Magnatone. This box loves my Deluxe Reverb and my AC30. I really can't say enough good things about it. Thank you for building this, Jered!!!

,Chad Proctor

You did it Jered... I can barely tell the difference between the Magnatone M10A vibrato and the new pedal. Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds great

,Teddy Kumpel

Greetings: I purchased a Magnavibe pedal from you via eBay in November. I've used it on six or seven gigs so far, and I absolutely love it! I've yet to discover all the sounds it creates, that's for sure. I'm tending at present to set both depth and speed at about 10 or 11 0'clock, and switch between fast and slow speeds depending on the song. You've done a really great job of nailing that Magnatone vibrato. I've been hoping somebody would do this since the 70's....and you sure did it. Over the years I've owned various Magnatones... a Stereo 280, a 260, a 440, and a solid state 130V. The 130V is the only one I still own, and it is a great practice and recording amp. But by and large, Magnatones are fragile, heavy, unreliable, underpowered, tempermental beasts that have to be babied. For those of us who've dreamed for years of a pedal that could replicate a Magnatone 's great vibrato, the dream's finally come true! Aside from great sound, it is really well made...built to last. Thanks for all your work in producing this pedal, and I wish you all success with it. Best wishes, Bill Dye I first heard about the Bigfoot pedal on my Magnatone-Valco discussion group. I'm very happy with the pedal & the customer service in buying this pedal. Everyone who's heard the pedal and/or played through it have been amazed! Thank you for a great product. Dennis Sherman WOW! Hot dog. I have been looking for something for years [decades] that would allow me to get that fabulous Lonnie Mack sound. I just hit the jackpot! Jim Van Horn

To describe the Magnavibe I’ll paraphrase a Robert Ward

song: “Your Sound is Amazing!” On my trio gig this

weekend it made a huge difference. What a big musical sound!

It has all the warm goodness of analog but it’s still

really clear and the warble is so cool. And I love the funky retro look. It’s the sound I’ve been looking for all these years, and it’s definitely becoming a big part of my setup. Many thanks for developing such a truly musical pedal!!

,Lanny Waugh

Freaking cool pedal! Warm syrupy goodness.

I've had the Austone Vibrostomp, a Lovetone Doppelganger, and a couple I've forgotten and this one has what I was looking for - a nice, mellow, organic sounding modulation. I've been collecting pedals for a few years and I'm really glad to have one of yours!

Great stuff!

,Robert Prince

I cannot speak highly enough of the Magnavibe. I've had mine over eighteen months now and each time I plug it in and stomp on it, the sound thrills me. I'm a British semi-pro musician and to be honest I'm not that prolific on guitar, but am a stickler for tone and to give you an idea, I still lug a Hammond A100 organ around to play pub dates with! I only play guitar in a project involving my original songs, which are influenced by late sixties Americana - think The Band, Hot Tuna, Lovin' Spoonful - that kind of stuff. Those records relied so much on lovely warm tones; and the tremolo and vibrato effects of old amplifiers were a big part of that, much as they were the gorgeous tone of guitarists like Robert Ward and Pops Staples. It's that undefinable area where country music meets soul, blues and gospel and it needs to sound sweet, which those old Magnatone and blonde Fender amps with their harmonic tremolo did. The Magnavibe unquestionably has that sweetness. It doesn't sound like a pedal, it sounds really organic and "woody". Stuff like the old Boss VB2 wasn't very "amp effect" like, it was too efficient, and other vibrato pedals are either little more than a chorus with the dry signal mixed out, or too 3-D sounding like a Univibe or Leslie simulator. The Magnavibe is the first I've heard to nail the "organic wobble". I use a Fender Super Sonic 22 amp, and as this offers an effects loop, I can put the Magnavibe in the loop and thus drive it a little before the effect. That's great - it comes out with a real thump just like it was an onboard vibrato in the amplifier. It's as if a Deluxe Reverb had true vibrato! I also must say that Jered Caywood at Bigfoot is not only a builder of fine effects but one of the most helpful people I've ever gotten into correspondence with. In the UK, Magnatone amps aren't something you see and nor did many acts use them even when they were made. I relied upon my instinct of the sound I was after and Jered graciously put up with me pinging him links to YouTube clips of tones I liked and "Do you reckon that's a Magnatone?" questions and was helpful and chatty in his responses. Well done Bigfoot FX!

,Rob MillisThere's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.