frequently asked questions


I have seen other versions of the magnavibe online. Which is the current version? The website is up to date. The magnavibe has been through a number of revisions. Only the first 10 had tremolo. It was revised to get a much deeper, rounder vibrato which cancelled out the tremolo (which was just an 'ok' tremolo anyways). The current version is definitely more magnatone-like.  Also, the extra stomp-switch for increased speed was not a smooth transition. The few that have owned both versions agree.

Guarantee? Yes, there is a 7 day money back guarantee (minus shipping).

I am in a band and your business would get publicity if I used your pedals. So I deserve free gear or at least a discount. Sorry, unfortunately this comes up a lot!  The pedals are the same price for all.

Which power supply works best with the magnavibe?  The Magnavibe can be picky with some adapters. I personally use Godlyke Power-All power supplies (older model # DSA-0161F-09) (newer model is: PA930W01139366). They are quiet when powering a Magnavibe. But the One-Spot and Godlyke Deluxe are noisy with the Magnavibe. The Magnavibe's power consumption is actually less about 2mA. So the battery should last a very long time. Also, the Magnavibe is quietest after overdrive or distortion.

Does the magnavibe have any volume drop when engaged?  No, it is set for unity gain.

Do you build a custom pedal? Not at this time.

Will you do custom mods? Not at this time.

What is the wait time? The pedals are usually in stock. If out of stock, please email for wait time.

What is the enclosure size? approximately 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Can I call instead of email?  Sorry, no time for chatting by phone...emails work great

Do you accept credit cards? Just PayPal or Money Orders at this time.

My country has import tariffs. Can you mark the form as a gift, sample or mark a lower value? We cannot change the product value on the Customs Form for reduced import taxes in your country because it is illegal. Thanks